Issues w/ timezones on gssftpd

Philip Prindeville philipp at
Mon Nov 27 22:56:37 EST 2006

Tom Yu wrote:

>>>>>>"Philip" == Philip Prindeville <philipp at> writes:
>Philip> Can someone please explain to me (offline if need be) why this request
>Philip> didn't warrant a response?
>Philip> That way, I won't waste your time again.
>I think I misremeber having replied to your patch.  Anyway, my
>thoughts were that we tend to prefer platform-independent patches
>whenever possible; your patch is conditionalized on __GLIBC__, which
>is not really the direction we want to go in.
>Also, are you sure that this isn't a configuration issue related to
>how you have set up the chroot environment?  The setup of chroot
>environments is a highly platform-specific thing.  I suspect at the
>very least you may want to include the timezone configuration files in
>the chroot environment.
>(Yes, your OS package system probably should handle some of this.)

Well, __GLIBC__ isn't so much platform-specific as it is
compiler and run-time library specific, but I found a new
patch that's simpler and more portable (it uses __USE_POSIX_
instead, which is portable).


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