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Not really intending to stick my nose in, but I think this may be interesting food to ponder...

No one has stated which version of what OS is involved here, other than Shivakeshav's comment about using Solaris, but it may be worthwhile reading this Sun blog entry about static linking going away starting with Solaris 10. Rod Evans has a good explanation of what is happening, and why:

This, of course, doesn't address other OSes--or older versions of Solaris--directly, but I hope this is a worthwhile addition to the discussion.

Rainer Heilke

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> >That is something we'd like to clean up, though it hasn't been high  
> >on our priority list, because so far as we're aware it's not urgent  
> >for most other people either; we expect the most popular and most  
> >important use cases by far to involve deploying shared libraries  
> >only.  (We could be wrong.  But so far I think this is only the  
> >second complaint we've heard since putting out the pre-1.5 test  
> >releases.)
> Have I complained yet?  I don't think I have, because I haven't been
> playing around with 1.5.  But anyway, I have a group of systems where
> static libraries are a requirement (basically because we have users
> download a precompiled set of binaries, and requiring the 
> users to have
> to somehow set up shared libraries would be a non-starter).
> It does sound like it's a fixable problem, though.  Something 
> to keep in
> the back of my mind when I go to 1.5.
> --Ken
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