NetID mgr development [was: seeking patch for NIM bug]

Tomas Zavodny xzavodny at
Tue Dec 12 16:41:21 EST 2006

Hello Jeffrey, Asanka,

please, could You help me, where to get some information about 
"KX509/KCA plug-in to NID for use by the GRID community"?

I am trying to write plug-in to NID, but have some troubles with it. 
Maybe somebody from KRBDEV could help me?

I am writing function for refreshing (listing) Credentials, but it does 
not work :

/* Handler for credentials the refresh message. */
khm_int32 handle_kmsg_cred_refresh(void) {
    khm_handle      ident = NULL;
    khm_handle      cred = NULL;
    wchar_t         wbuf[256];  /* temporary conversion buffer */


    //I must Create Identity (zavodny at META -- is my current identity)
    AnsiStrToUnicode(wbuf, sizeof(wbuf), "zavodny at META");
    kcdb_identity_create(wbuf, KCDB_IDENT_FLAG_CREATE, &ident);

    //Trying to create Credential
    AnsiStrToUnicode(wbuf, sizeof(wbuf), "SampleCredential");
    kcdb_cred_create(wbuf, ident, credtype_id,

    //Maybe I should set some attributes of credential...
    //kcdb_cred_set_attr(cred, KCDB_ATTR_ISSUE, &ft, sizeof(ft));
    //kcdb_cred_set_attr(cred, KCDB_ATTR_EXPIRE, &eft, sizeof(eft));

    //Add Credential into Credential set
    kcdb_credset_add_cred(g_credset, cred, -1);

    if (cred)

    //Collect my Credential set into root Credential set
    kcdb_credset_collect(NULL, g_credset, NULL, credtype_id, NULL);


Please, could You help me, what am I doing wrong?


        Tomas Zavodny

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Note that the Univ of Michigan is working on a PKINIT implementation
> for MIT Kerberos and when that integration is complete, NID will
> support it.
> Also note that there is active development of a KX509/KCA plug-in
> to NID for use by the GRID community.  If you wish to test this
> let me know.
> Jeffrey Altman

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