NetID mgr development [was: seeking patch for NIM bug]

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Wed Dec 13 00:40:00 EST 2006

Tomas Zavodny wrote:
> Hello Jeffrey, Asanka,
> please, could You help me, where to get some information about
> "KX509/KCA plug-in to NID for use by the GRID community"?

The KX509/KCA plug-in will be made available to the general public
after the organization that paid for its development decides that
the work is complete.  The work has been complete for several weeks
but I have to wait for the final acceptance.

The testing period is now over.  Check the Secure Endpoints web
site periodically for the announcement.

> I am trying to write plug-in to NID, but have some troubles with it.
> Maybe somebody from KRBDEV could help me?

Your code looks roughly correct provided that you are calling
handle_kmsg_cred_refresh() in response to the KMSG_CRED_REFRESH
message.  You should test each function for error.  This will
help you pinpoint exactly where the failure is occurring.

Feel free to examine the sources for the krb5, krb4 and afs
plugins provided as part of KFW 3.1 and OpenAFS 1.5.12 sources.

Jeffrey Altman
Secure Endpoints Inc.

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