Doing away with changelogs

andrew m. boardman amb at MIT.EDU
Fri Apr 14 19:17:29 EDT 2006

>     Eric> I might suggest that in five to ten years that URL may be
>     Eric> useless, and would encourage making krb5 source
>     Eric> distributions as self-contained as possible.

> Note that you can mirror our repository.

I think Eric's point (and certainly my point) is that the proposed scheme
relies on both the repository and the RT installation being around for
the useful life of the software.  If not, and I want to know what's
changed between releases, I'm stuck with diff.

If subversion can indeed provide commit logs (and perhaps RT ticket text)
which can take the functional place of a changelog, then why not have it
do that and include it in the release as a ChangeLog?

I'm not necessarily arguing for retention of ChangeLogs as currently
instantiated, but losing this information entirely seems very poor.

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