Static compile on windows

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Fri Nov 5 16:50:49 EST 2004

As I said before, the build system does not produce static libraries.
If you want to have them you will have to customize the build system
in exactly the same way you customized the libraries.

Can you explain why you feel there is a need to use static libraries
if you need to interact with both the MSLSA credential cache and the
MIT Kerberos libraries?  Are you aware that the MIT APIs provide access
to the MSLSA credentials cache?

What functions from the Kerberos libraries do you need access to
that are currently not exported?  If a function is not exported there
is probably a very good reason as well as an alternate method for
performing the operation.

If you are adding something like a new pre-auth mechanism, I am sure
that we would prefer that you work with us instead of distributing
something of your own.

Jeffrey Altman

Wachdorf, Daniel R wrote:

> What if I do want it statically compiled. 
> Specifically, I have a program that interacts with the windows
> credential cache and also need some of the other libs from krb5_32 and
> gssapi32 exported, so I had to do a custom build.  In order for my
> program to work, now I need to redistribute the kerberos DLLs.  I would
> much rather compile it statically and worry about you "replacing the
> credential cache" at a different time.
> -dan 
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> The build system does not produce static libraries.
> It is important that static libraries are not used so that we can
> replace the internal workings of interactions with the credential caches
> as needed.
> If you build statically, then when we replace the credential cache your
> application will stop working.
> Jeffrey Altman
> Wachdorf, Daniel R wrote:
>>Is there a way to compile kfw-2.6.5 statically?  
>>My end goal is to compile a program using the libraries from that 
>>build in a statically linked executable, is that possible with the 
>>DLLs it builds?
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