Terry Simons galimore at
Wed Jan 21 23:05:42 EST 2004

We're currently using the module that Sam mentioned in a production 
environment (temporarily) for a web based laptop authentication for 
hardwired ethernet ports.

Our particular mechanism doesn't allow us to take advantage of any of 
the Kerberos-specific features that one might want, because the 
authentication happens behind the user on the authentication server, 
but I can vouch that the Perl API does indeed work at some functional 

I did some poking quite some time ago on the module trying to learn 
some of the mechanisms used to hook a C library into a perl module, and 
it looks  like any unsupported features would be pretty easy to add.

I wrote the script that we are using, so if anyone is interested I can 
probably provide that.  It just does a simple TGT request to verify 
that the user is in fact valid.  A co-worker of mine made some changes 
to my script that allow it to work with pre-auth too.  (When I was 
learning how to use the module, I was also learning kerberos so I 
guarantee that the script might be doing some things wrong.  :-)

Anyway... let me know if you're interested.


Terry Simons
Network and Laptop Support
Marriott Library, University of Utah

On Jan 21, 2004, at 7:36 AM, Sam Hartman wrote:

>>>>>> "Pinda" == Pinda Ndaki <Pinda at> writes:
>     Pinda> Greetings, I'm wondering if there is a "current" (read
>     Pinda> actively supported) Kerberos 5 Admin API implementation in
>     Pinda> Perl or Java that you're aware of that's open source or
>     Pinda> free, or do we have to create one?
> I believe there is one in Perl.  It is not supported by us and it will
> be very specific to the version of MIT Kerberos that you use.
> We'd be interested in your experiences with it even though it's not
> something we actively work on.  We'd like to know what to recommend to
> the next person who asks the same question.
> The Perl admin API I'm thinking of is in CPAN.  Authen::Krb5::admin or
> something like that.
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