Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 21 09:36:49 EST 2004

>>>>> "Pinda" == Pinda Ndaki <Pinda at> writes:

    Pinda> Greetings, I'm wondering if there is a "current" (read
    Pinda> actively supported) Kerberos 5 Admin API implementation in
    Pinda> Perl or Java that you're aware of that's open source or
    Pinda> free, or do we have to create one?

I believe there is one in Perl.  It is not supported by us and it will
be very specific to the version of MIT Kerberos that you use.

We'd be interested in your experiences with it even though it's not
something we actively work on.  We'd like to know what to recommend to
the next person who asks the same question.

The Perl admin API I'm thinking of is in CPAN.  Authen::Krb5::admin or
something like that.

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