Discussion of krb5_get_init_creds_password() behaviorwasRe:problem with the kinit_prompter in kfw 2.5

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at columbia.edu
Mon Feb 23 15:05:35 EST 2004


Do you have time to work on putting together a patch in the near future?

- Jeff

Sam Hartman wrote:

>OK, I should shut up now as I clearly have not been following this
>issue well enough.
>Yes, the idea of keeping track of whether you've already sent to the
>master and not resending to the same KDC seems reasonable.
>Actually I guess you need to keep track of whether the response you
>acted on was from the master.
>I do not see a problem changing an internal API to accomplish this
>goal. If people are worried about this then we can rename it to
>krb5int_ not krb5_.
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