Announcing Anonymous CVS Access

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Mon Feb 23 14:52:08 EST 2004

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The MIT Kerberos Team is pleased to announce access to a copy of our
CVS repository available to the community at large.

For information on accessing the repository including appropriate
export warnings please see

The head of the CVS repository is where current development of the
next major release of MIT Kerberos takes place.  If you wanted to
check out the head of the repository you'd use a command similar to:
    cvs co -A krb5

For each release of MIT Kerberos there is a CVS branch.  For example if you wanted to check out the latest code slated for inclusion in a Kerberos 1.3 release you'd use a command similar to:
    cvs co -P -r krb5-1-3-branche krb5

For historical reasons the latest code for 1.2.x releases of MIT
Kerberos lives on the krb5-1-2-2-branch not the krb5-1-2-branch.

Note that our bug database includes CVS revision numbers for patches
associated with a bug.  You can use this new anonymous CVS access to
retrieve the specific patch associated with a bug.

As always, this is development code.  We make no guarantees--not even
the guarantees we don't make with our released code--about whether the
code follows any specifications, whether it works or whether it has
security problems.

We'd like to thank Garry Zacheiss from MIT's Server Operations group
for setting up this service for the Kerberos community.

- --Sam
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