Problems with wshelper res_init.c

Douglas E. Engert deengert at
Thu Jul 10 10:18:35 EDT 2003

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Looking at the patch and the MIT WSHelper code I have to wonder whether
> the WSHelper which is being shipped with KX509 is out of date or out of
> sync with the MIT distribution.  As far as I can tell the code you have
> identified as being the problem should never be executed on 2000 and XP
> because those systems support the IPHelper API.

Well that might explain why I have not gotten any reports of problems
with the Kerberos code. 

The UMich res_init.c code matches the MIT, except  that they made it more 
standalone by including some header info in to the code. The code itself 
did not appear to be changed.  

All they really need is to lookup a srv record. Is there some easy way
in W2K to do this? (For W2k could they just use the DnsQuery functions?)

> The IPHelper API provides a mechanism by which the DLL could be notified
> of interface configuration changes.  However, this functionality is not
> currently being used.
> Jeffrey Altman
> Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> > Doug:
> >
> > Thank you for the patches.  I will examine them carefully for
> > incorporation into KfW 2.5.  However, they will not be included in
> > Beta 3 which should be publically announced real soon now.
> >
> > Regarding item number 4.  If I remember correctly, res_init() is only
> > called once during the initialization phase of the DLL.  Therefore,
> > the DNS entries used are those available at the time the machine DLL
> > was loaded.  If inactive interfaces were not examined, it is possible
> > that no DNS information would be found even though the interface would
> > become active after res_init() was called.  This problem could be
> > alleviated if I knew how to register a hook to notify me when the
> > active list of interfaces was altered.
> > - Jeff
> >
> >


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