Problems with wshelper res_init.c

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Thu Jul 10 10:34:44 EDT 2003

Douglas E. Engert wrote:

>Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>>Looking at the patch and the MIT WSHelper code I have to wonder whether
>>the WSHelper which is being shipped with KX509 is out of date or out of
>>sync with the MIT distribution.  As far as I can tell the code you have
>>identified as being the problem should never be executed on 2000 and XP
>>because those systems support the IPHelper API.
>Well that might explain why I have not gotten any reports of problems
>with the Kerberos code. 
>The UMich res_init.c code matches the MIT, except  that they made it more 
>standalone by including some header info in to the code. The code itself 
>did not appear to be changed.  
If this is the case, I would be extremely interested in knowing why the 
IPHelper code is not be used instead of the search through the Registry.

>All they really need is to lookup a srv record. Is there some easy way
>in W2K to do this? (For W2k could they just use the DnsQuery functions?)

I see no reason why you could not use DnsQuery()

provided that they only need to support Win2000 or above.

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