Problems with wshelper res_init.c

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Wed Jul 9 18:24:51 EDT 2003

Looking at the patch and the MIT WSHelper code I have to wonder whether 
the WSHelper which is being shipped with KX509 is out of date or out of 
sync with the MIT distribution.  As far as I can tell the code you have 
identified as being the problem should never be executed on 2000 and XP 
because those systems support the IPHelper API.

The IPHelper API provides a mechanism by which the DLL could be notified 
of interface configuration changes.  However, this functionality is not 
currently being used. 

Jeffrey Altman

Jeffrey Altman wrote:

> Doug:
> Thank you for the patches.  I will examine them carefully for 
> incorporation into KfW 2.5.  However, they will not be included in 
> Beta 3 which should be publically announced real soon now.
> Regarding item number 4.  If I remember correctly, res_init() is only 
> called once during the initialization phase of the DLL.  Therefore, 
> the DNS entries used are those available at the time the machine DLL 
> was loaded.  If inactive interfaces were not examined, it is possible 
> that no DNS information would be found even though the interface would 
> become active after res_init() was called.  This problem could be 
> alleviated if I knew how to register a hook to notify me when the 
> active list of interfaces was altered.
> - Jeff
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