Set password support

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 5 16:14:20 EST 2003

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul W Nelson <nelson at> writes:

    Paul> Is this considered a 'bad' extension by MIT?  Is there a
    Paul> security problem with it?  I don't really understand the
    Paul> issues, but it seems simple enough to implement.

It's not a standards-track extension so it is not a high priority but
we'd consider a patch that implemented it.  It's too late in the 1.3
release cycle for such a patch to make it into 1.3.

    Paul> Anyway, what about RC4-HMAC?  Is there going to be support
    Paul> in 1.3?  Is there any code I can grab today and roll my own?
Yes.  We received a contribution of rc4-hmac support.  I integrated
this support into our code and wrote rc4-hmac GSSAPI support.

If you are within the US you can find this in our daily development

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