Issue with ssh+gssapi and des-cbc-md5 tickets

Neulinger, Nathan nneul at
Wed Feb 5 13:35:37 EST 2003

It is a snapshot build from April 30th 2002. Havent updated in a while. 

permitted_enctypes isn't set anywhere.

Using OpenSSH 3.5p1 with gssapi patch ported forward (only two minor

-- Nathan

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> Subject: Re: Issue with ssh+gssapi and des-cbc-md5 tickets
> For stuff like this please indicate what codebase you're using and if
> you happen to know what is failing.
> I would expect this to work with either mainline or 1.2.7 with the
> configuration you described.  If des-cbc-md5 is not in
> permitted_enctypes it would fail, but you would have to explicitly set
> that in order to get the failure.

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