Set password support

Paul W. Nelson nelson at
Wed Feb 5 16:00:57 EST 2003

Is this considered a 'bad' extension by MIT?  Is there a security problem
with it?  I don't really understand the issues, but it seems simple enough
to implement.

Anyway, what about RC4-HMAC?  Is there going to be support in 1.3?  Is there
any code I can grab today and roll my own?

Paul W. Nelson
Thursby Software Systems, Inc.

> From: Sam Hartman <hartmans at>
> Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 13:28:18 -0500
> To: "Paul W. Nelson" <nelson at>
> Cc: krbdev <krbdev at>
> Subject: Re: Set password support
>>>>>> "Paul" == Paul W Nelson <nelson at> writes:
>   Paul> Will Microsoft's krb5_set_password function be
>   Paul> supported/provided in version 1.3?
> no.

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