Using KfM's credentials cache with Krb5 1.3 on OS X 10.2.6

chas williams chas at
Mon Aug 11 22:22:23 EDT 2003

In message <tsloeyvbzjt.fsf at>,Sam Hartman writes:
>I'd argue that we should not accept this patch because it modifies
>Kerberos to link against the native Kerberos framework.

i would argue that it does not link against the native kerberos
framework.  unfortunately the credentialcache api resides inside
the kerberos framework.  i submit that it should be in its own
framework since others might which to use it independent of the
'native' kerberos code.

>Personally, I'd argue for accepting a patch that added support for
>some well-maintained library that sat between Kerberos and ccapi and
>did the linking against the framework.

like the credentialcache api?

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