Mac OS at MIT: News

shankar raman sram at MIT.EDU
Sat Oct 5 12:22:00 EDT 2002

Dear Sir,

I am a faculty member and a mac user. I have two computers, the one 
at work is a 450 MHz B/W G3 and the one at home is a 800 MHz Titanium 
Powerbook. Both run 10.2.1 (the updated Jaguar). I downloaded 
Kerberos Extras for MIT and re-installed it after upgrading to 
10.2.1.  On my home computer, however, I seem to have a problem I 
can't fix when checking email---I use Eudora which runs under the 
classic environment. Once I disconnect from Tether (via Airport) and 
then reconnect, I can't check my mail (I can send mail but not check 
it), despite having Eudora "forget" the password. When checking I get 
the error message "Cannot communicate with Kerberos Error message 
-20038 {30.30703}. In order to get Eudora working, I have to reboot 
my computer. In other words, in order to check mail, it has to be the 
first time I connect after the computer starts up. If I renew my 
airport connection without having first rebooted the computer, I get 
the error message---even though everything else works just fine 
(sending mail, web surfing, etc.). Any suggestions?


shankar raman

Shankar Raman
Associate Professor,
Literature Faculty, MIT

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