Ben Cox cox-work at
Mon Oct 7 09:15:00 EDT 2002

On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 16:42, Sam Hartman wrote:
> des3-cbc-raw is always wrong to use as a key; it is an internal
> enctype that you should never put in supported_enctypes in your
> kdc.conf.

Arrgh: RedHat 7.3 ships with a default kdc.conf file for which it
is the *first* *entry*.  I see that it isn't in the stock config files
in the MIT source dist, though.  I'll replace my list with the list
from the stock config.  Thanks.

> Yes, des3-cbc-sha1 is known to work for GSSAPI.  I suspect you have
> overly restrictive default_tgs_enctypes or default_tkt_enctypes on
> your client; comment them out and see what happens.

Bingo; that was it.  It works now; thanks.

-- Ben

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