How to krb authenticate w/o a local Mac OS X account?

Steve Lidie sol0 at
Wed Nov 13 15:09:01 EST 2002


My goal is to make a lab of Macs have AFS access just like, say, a lab 
of our other Unix offerings.  For instance, when I login to an SGI, I 
do AFS authentication and am placed in my AFS home directory.

I've setup your Kerberos authentication such that I can login using my 
AFS user/pw combo, but a local account is needed, requiring, 
apparently, the identical user/pw combo.  So my immediate goal is to, 
say, talk to our NIS server which has the master password file - is 
this possible?  Any pointer, however brief, is welcomed.

Eventually I'd like to associate a krb ticket with an AFS token, but 
really haven't a clue how to go about that, or even if that makes sense 
(;  (e.g., having installed OpenAFS, I'd like to spare the user from 
manually doing a klog).

Apologies if my questions are imprecise, this is not an area I have 
much experience in ....


Steve Lidie

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