Kerb v4 for MacOS X

Ruben Carbonell goHCI at
Fri Jan 25 16:11:00 EST 2002


2 suggestions:

1) Is it possible to add the "Change Password" directly in
   the Kerberos menu/icon? (both the classic and carbon versions)

2) I wonder if there can't be some icon on OS X when Kerberos
   for Mac is running? For example, Stuffit's Magic Menu has
   a little icon-menu in the upper right of OS X, next to the
   Display, Sound and clock icon-menus. I understand why you
   may not want to install something in the Dock by default.

   The reason behind this is because 2nd request is because
   often when users have kerberos / login problems, we trouble-
   shoot by teasing apart kerberos issues vs other network
   programs. So we see if they can get tickets first; novice
   users won't be so easy to walk through finding the Kerberos
   application and running it to get tickets.

Thanks on such a great job with this app!
:) Ruben

Ruben Carbonell
Mac Consultant
Carnegie Mellon University

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