Kerb v4 for MacOS X

Miro Jurisic meeroh at MIT.EDU
Fri Jan 25 16:19:00 EST 2002

>1) Is it possible to add the "Change Password" directly in
>   the Kerberos menu/icon? (both the classic and carbon versions)

Probably not. How often do you need to use that?

>2) I wonder if there can't be some icon on OS X when Kerberos
>   for Mac is running?

What do you mean by "Kerberos is running"?

>   The reason behind this is because 2nd request is because
>   often when users have kerberos / login problems, we trouble-
>   shoot by teasing apart kerberos issues vs other network
>   programs. So we see if they can get tickets first; novice
>   users won't be so easy to walk through finding the Kerberos
>   application and running it to get tickets.

I am not sure how hard it is to tell them to go to the Finder, go to 
the Applications folder, double-click on Kerberos,  click on "Get 

Also, note that Apple has not published a mechanism for menu 
additions yet, so anything we did would be unlikely to continue 
working in the future. That's the main reason why we added the Dock 
feedback to the Kerberos application icon, but no menu addition.

>Thanks on such a great job with this app!

Thanks! :-)


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