Fetch 4.0.2 fails on OS X 10.2 - "Hostname cannot be canonicalized"

Ken Hornstein kenh at cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Thu Aug 29 00:08:00 EDT 2002

I thought some people would be interested to hear the resolution of this.

It turns out that this is a bug in Fetch; Jim Matthews tells me that in
some cases, the buffer Fetch allocates for the OTInetQuery call isn't
big enough, so it overflows and canonicalization fails.  He sent me a
build that used a larger buffer for DNS lookups, and this fixed the
problem for me.  I guess this didn't work for me because we have more DNS
servers than the other sites I tried; combined with relatively long DNS
names, I can see why this ended up with a larger query than most people.

Jim tells me the next version of Fetch will have this problem fixed, so
it seems like a solution is on the horizon.  Hats off to the gang at
Fetch Softworks for the quick response!


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