krb4 API Documentation

Hua Ying Ling hyling at
Fri Apr 12 01:44:00 EDT 2002

> Meeroh,
> I need documentation for the Kerberos4 framework,  I looked at the 
> documentation links on the web page but they were not very helpful.  
> Specifically I need to know how to use the functions available and 
> whether they show GUI, since
> I'm writing a low level Appleshare UAM which doesn't allow GUI.  
> Documentation similar to that available for the KClient API would be 
> great.  I'll like to replace the old KClient calls while I'm writing 
> the plugin.  I'd appreciate suggestion on how to replace these KClient 
> calls with their equivalent KerberosV4 calls: KClientNewClientSession, 
> KClientGetTicketForService, KClientSetServerPrincipal, 
> KClientGetCCacheReference, KClientGetAuthenticatorForService.
> Thanks
> ~Hua Ying
> On Friday, April 12, 2002, at 12:53 AM, Miro Jurisic wrote:
>>> Would someone please point me to some krb4 API docs or a sample 
>>> kerberos client using the API?
>> Which protocol are you implementing? It usually helps to point you at 
>> the source for something similar to what you are doing.
>> meeroh
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