krb4 API Documentation

Miro Jurisic meeroh at MIT.EDU
Fri Apr 12 01:49:00 EDT 2002

Please continue ccing krbdev since I will probably not be able to 
answer all of your questions personally.

>I need documentation for the Kerberos4 framework,  I looked at the 
>documentation links on the web page but they were not very helpful. 
>Specifically I need to know how to use the functions available and 
>whether they show GUI, since I'm writing a low level Appleshare UAM 
>which doesn't allow GUI.  Documentation similar to that available 
>for the KClient API would be great.  I'll like to replace the old 
>KClient calls while I'm writing the plugin.  I'd appreciate 
>suggestion on how to replace these KClient calls with their 
>equivalent KerberosV4 calls: KClientNewClientSession, 
>KClientGetTicketForService, KClientSetServerPrincipal, 
>KClientGetCCacheReference, KClientGetAuthenticatorForService.

Those functions will only display a UI when it is possible to display 
UI. If not, they will return you an error if you don't have a valid 
TGT available. Therefore it should be safe for you to continue 
calling those exact same functions with no changes to your code.



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