Cross Realm Not working for SSH

Abhishek Chowdhury abhishek.brave at
Thu Aug 7 08:49:48 EDT 2008

i am using kerberos V5 and MAC OS X 10.5.2

i have configured 2 realms and established cross realm trust between them.

i have to use SSH service.

When i am doing SSH in simple authentication, it is working fine ie not
asking any password.
but password is being asked for Cross realm.

suppose UserA is in REALMA and SSH server serverB in REALMB

ServerB has an account for UserB(UserB is its admin)

when i do kinit  UserA at REALMA, i get the initial ticket
krbtgt/REALMA at REALMA.
now when i am doing ssh UserB at it is asking for password.

According to my understanding USERA should be allowed to  access USERB's
account on SERVERB for passwrodless ssh.
How to set USERA's access in serverB?
or is there any other method?

any pointers will be appreciated.

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