Cross Realm Not working for SSH

Douglas E. Engert deengert at
Thu Aug 7 13:20:05 EDT 2008

UserB needs a ~.k5login file with
UserA at RealmA

Abhishek Chowdhury wrote:
> hi
> i am using kerberos V5 and MAC OS X 10.5.2
> i have configured 2 realms and established cross realm trust between them.
> i have to use SSH service.
> When i am doing SSH in simple authentication, it is working fine ie not
> asking any password.
> but password is being asked for Cross realm.
> suppose UserA is in REALMA and SSH server serverB in REALMB
> ServerB has an account for UserB(UserB is its admin)
> when i do kinit  UserA at REALMA, i get the initial ticket
> krbtgt/REALMA at REALMA.
> now when i am doing ssh UserB at it is asking for password.
> According to my understanding USERA should be allowed to  access USERB's
> account on SERVERB for passwrodless ssh.
> How to set USERA's access in serverB?
> or is there any other method?
> any pointers will be appreciated.


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