Can kinit but not kvno

John Gilbertson jgilbert at
Thu Apr 17 10:57:28 EDT 2008

Douglas E. Engert wrote:

> kvno is requesting a service ticket. But user accounts in AD don't
> normally have a servicePrincipalName attribute.
> kvno should work for actual service principals like:
>     kvno host/
> Why do you need to use kvno with a user account?
> If you need to know the kvno for the user, you can use ldap or  ADSI Edit
> and search for the user and read the msDS-KeyVersionNumber attribute.
> You might be able to add a servicePrincipalName to the user account if
> you really need to get a service ticket for the user.

Ah that does explain it all thankyou.

I was just testing to make sure everything was working before bothering 
our AD team to set up a service principal for a test service. I didn't 
know if I had got the initial setup right or not.

John Gilbertson

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