Build failure with Kerberos for Windows 3.0

Yi luo1997 at
Thu Mar 9 18:47:10 EST 2006

I have NetIDMgr.exe running on my machine, but it is not prompting for
any credential. I am testing ticket forwarding capability wih my
program, by invoking it via CGI from a web browser client. So it is
possible that process cannot communicate with NetIDMgr.exe.

I checked the UserID of that process, and it did return the right user
name of the requesting client. It seems the web browser ( IE ) doesn't
send a forwardable ticket to the web server ( Microsoft IIS), or the
web server doesn't imperonate the user properly, thus the invoked
process doesn't really have the credential of the requesting user and
must obtain a new one on the spot.

So my question really should be: how can I pass the credential of the
requesting client to the CGI program? I guess it is more an issue of
the web server than of GSSAPI library.


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