Windows: realmofhost() via DNS?

Richard E. Silverman res at
Mon Mar 6 21:04:33 EST 2006

Sorry if this is an FAQ; I didn't find it anywhere.

Is it possible to get a Windows Kerberos client or KDC to look up the
realm of a host via the usual DNS TXT records?  I know it ordinarily uses
KDC referrals, but a far as I know there is no referral support in MIT
Kerberos.  Windows can be made to use the DNS for KDC lookup via SRV
records for non-Windows realms (with ksetup), so I am hoping this can be
done too.

If not, how do people handle this?  I cannot put all hosts for one realm
or another in matching DNS domains; existing structure precludes it, so we
have lots of individual host realm RR's which we need honored.

Even if it means duplicating the per-host mappings on the domain
controllers in some form, so the DCs could issue appropriate referrals, we
could handle that.


  Richard Silverman
  res at

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