gssapi32.dll 1.5

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Sun Aug 27 22:22:20 EDT 2006

>>>>> "Olivier" == Olivier Brunet <olivier.brunet at> writes:

    Olivier> oken when
    >> > Negotiate auth is requested).
    >> >
    >> > So put simply, is there a way to have gssapi32.dll 1.5 and
    >> supportings > libs pre-built for windows ? Or do I have to
    >> build it myself ?
    >> KFW 3.1 has to be finished first.  Then I will look to find the
    >> time to work on the 1.5 kerberos 5 libraries on Windows in
    >> order to add functionality that was implemented in 1.5 for
    >> POSIX but not for Windows.  The 1.5 libraries will build on
    >> Windows but they have not been thoroughly tested and features
    >> such as plug-in support is non-existent.

    Olivier> As I never built the MIT libs it may sound a stupid
    Olivier> question but do I have a chance to succesfully build on
    Olivier> windows the gssapi 1.5 with SPNEGO support (and of course
    Olivier> krb5) without this missing feature ?

The SPNEGO code in 1.5 does not require plugin support.

You may well be able to build based on the 1.5 sources.  It will
probably require work and you will probably find bugs.

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