gssapi32.dll 1.5

Olivier Brunet olivier.brunet at
Fri Aug 25 09:44:36 EDT 2006

oken when
> > Negotiate auth is requested).
> >
> > So put simply, is there a way to have gssapi32.dll 1.5 and supportings
> > libs pre-built for windows ? Or do I have to build it myself ?
> KFW 3.1 has to be finished first.  Then I will look to find the time to
> work on the 1.5 kerberos 5 libraries on Windows in order to add
> functionality that was implemented in 1.5 for POSIX but not for Windows.
> The 1.5 libraries will build on Windows but they have not been
> thoroughly tested and features such as plug-in support is non-existent.

As I never built the MIT libs it may sound a stupid question but do I
have a chance to succesfully build on windows the gssapi 1.5 with
SPNEGO support (and of course krb5) without this missing feature ?

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