gssapi32.dll 1.5

Olivier Brunet olivier.brunet at
Fri Aug 25 06:40:43 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I've just installed KfW 3.1 (beta) and noticed the shipped gssapi32.dll
is (as all krb5 related dll). So I guess KfW is built with krb5

I'm interested in the SPNEGO support added, if I understood correctl,y
in the latest gssapi (release 1.5) in order to make my windows firefox
talks correctly spnego (actually it sends a raw krb5 mech token when
Negotiate auth is requested).

So put simply, is there a way to have gssapi32.dll 1.5 and supportings
libs pre-built for windows ? Or do I have to build it myself ?

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