windows browsers send ntlm instead of kerberos tokens

Achim Grolms kerberosml at
Thu Aug 3 12:24:54 EDT 2006

On Thursday 03 August 2006 04:28, Daniel B. Bailey wrote:
> hello, i have a situation where SSO (Single Sign On) for Oracle Portal uses
> Kerberos tokens ( Windows Authentacation) to "sign on" to an Oracle system.

What Webbrowsers do you use?
What KDC-Software do you use?
What GSSAPI-implementation is used, SSPI and/or KfW?

> Only for some users, this doesn't work and the regular sign on box appears.
> We have found that this is because the client PC uses the NTLM token to
> authenticate rather than the Kerberos token.  

What happens if that users run

1. kinit theiruserpricipal
2. kvno principalofwebserver ?

> I appreciate any help in advance.

Maybe some hints from my

are helpful, for example 6.c, 9, 10


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