windows browsers send ntlm instead of kerberos tokens

Daniel B. Bailey dbailey171 at
Wed Aug 2 22:28:40 EDT 2006

hello, i have a situation where SSO (Single Sign On) for Oracle Portal uses
Kerberos tokens ( Windows Authentacation) to "sign on" to an Oracle system.
Only for some users, this doesn't work and the regular sign on box appears.
We have found that this is because the client PC uses the NTLM token to
authenticate rather than the Kerberos token.  We have norrowed it down to
the profile on the client PC for that user but we are still UNABLE to
correct the issue.  Since we have many users that will be using this system
(once it goes live) we obviously don't want to run into this problem on a
daily basis.  Would you or anyone on your team have a solution to this
issue?  I appreciate any help in advance.
Thanks again,

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