smbk5pwd for MIT?

ben benwellborn at
Thu Aug 3 05:45:01 EDT 2006

I have a samba PDC set up (basic users and home directories),
I want to add kerberos to our network, in order to use kerberos with
our linux servers.  The idea is to have the windows clients use kinit
and then log in to SSH servers using gssapi (found the modified version
of putty that will do that).
What I'm having trouble with is how to synchronize passwords.  The
samba pdc has an ldap back end.  I wanted to use the smbk5pwd overlay,
but our kerberos servers are MIT instead of Heimdal.
two questions:
1) does anyone know how to compile the smbk5pwd for MIT kerberos?
2) is there a scripted way to update kerberos passwords when samba
users change their passwords?

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