Acquiring credentials for a Principal in Java on XP client

Seema Malkani Seema.Malkani at Sun.COM
Tue Feb 22 13:10:15 EST 2005

Java Kerberos can be configured to acquire the native credentials. JAAS
Krb5LoginModule will acquire native TGT on Windows via the LSA API if
the option "useTicketCache=true" has been set.

For details on how to achieve Single Sign-On using Java Kerberos refer to:

In addition, you can refer to following JavaOne Security Lab.
7133 - Advanced Security Programming in the J2SE Platform, Version 1.5:
           Authentication, Secure Communication, and Single Sign-on


In addition, you can refer to

Wells, Bruce wrote:

>Hello to all,
>How can I go about acquiring the credentials for the current logged on
>on an XP client in Java. I need to establish a context between the Java
>and a kerberized service via GSS
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