AD Domain Authentication to MIT Kerb V

Matt Joyce syslists at
Fri Feb 18 16:17:20 EST 2005

Douglas E. Engert wrote:

> Something else to try is to login to the workstation as a local user,
> run Ethereal to trace network activity, then use the runas command
> in a cmd window and watch what happens. The Microsoft klist in the
> 2003 resouces or support tools (forgot which) can be helpfull too.
> runas /user:user cmd
> runas /user:user at DOMAIN cmd
> runas /user:user at REALM cmd
> This might give you some insite as to what MS is doing and how the
> local mappings and mapping in AD effect this. Ethereal can show
> you DNS requests, and Kerberos trafic. It even can format
> most of the kerberos packets.
> We have all our user's in AD, and don't have AD trusting any Kerberos
> realm at least not today, so I am interested in seeing if you get this
> working.
> .
I have been using ethereal extensively.  Helped me trouble shoot some 
stuff already.

> There are two mappings talked about in the doc. THe mapping in AD
> and the mappings on the local machine.
> You will need to set in AD that an AD account is willing to trust
> the Kerberos authentication from the Kerberos realm. Your AD admin
> needs to do this. (We don't use it this way here so I can't tell you
> exactly what to do.)
> The step by step guide talkes about:
> Creating Account Mappings
> Account mappings are used to map a foreign Kerberos identity (in a 
> trusted MIT Kerberos realm) to a local account identity in the domain. 
> These account mappings are managed through the Active Directory 
> Management tool.
> These account mappings will allow the Kerberos realm to act as an 
> account domain. Users with Kerberos principals that have mappings to 
> domain accounts, can logon to a workstation that is joined to a 
> trusted domain using the Kerberos principal and password from the 
> Kerberos realm
Mappings are set.  on the 2003 AD box in the domain lists I see a 
DOMAIN.COM domain which is the AD domain, and a "REALM.DOMAIN.COM (Krb V 
Realm)" which is the KRB5 Realm name.  I can choose that domain, or type 
my name as user at REALM.DOMAIN.COM and login to my mapped account on the 
AD box.   Which makes me think all the docs in the MIT kerb interop 
guide have been followed correctly.

*REALM.DOMAIN.COM is the correct complete name of the Kerb V realm.  It 
has the DOMAIN.COM suffix only because I felt that that would be a sane 
realm name.

Now on a machine i join to the DOMAIN.COM domain I only see the 
DOMAIN.COM domain as a login option.  Should I be adding a 
REALM.DOMAIN.COM domain as well?  And trying to authenticate to that? 

>> My Kerb V realm name is indeed different from my domain name.  So I 
>> am well aware of which is which when referenced.
> OK, it was not clear.
Sorry bout that.

>> I am only seeing tickets from my AD domain realm.  I am not seeing 
>> any tickets seemingly issued by my Kerb V realm. 
> So when you login, do you type user at realm or just user?
just user.  The @ seemingly specifies a domain to login to.  I cannot 
login to a Domain with a complete realm prinicpal without inadvertental 
telling windows to login to som alternate domain... possibly a trusted 
kerb5 realm domain created by AD?

>> Do I need to configure the client machines on the domain to be aware 
>> of the Kerb5 trusted realm?  
> Not sure, as we have all our users in the Domain to start with.
> We do have a few windows machines, and a lot of UNIX machines that
> are registered in the MIT realm. I can use my domain principal
> to login at a unix console.
So theoretically i can kinit on unix using my domain accounts from AD?  
because I am using my AD ticket in a two way trusted cross realm 
authentication setup?

>> Are they aware of it through SRV records?   Or is NTLM auth to the AD 
>> domain supposed to automagically grab tickets from my trusted kerb5 
>> realm?  When I log into NTLM I am not seeing any queries in 
>> krb5kdc.log =(.
> NTLM does not use Kerberos at all.
Yes I would rather not have to enter each user machine into the KDC.  I 
would like for AD to delegate tickets to the user machines that the Kerb 
V kdc will honor.  Assuming I am in a cross realm two way trust, when I 
authenticate directly to the AD domain will my AD given @DOMAIN.COM 
tickets be honored via SPNEGO / GSSAPI by MIT kerb V?

Is there any benefit to allowing a user to login to the Realm as opposed 
to using ntlm to login to the domain?

>> Am I missing some added step in providing cross realm authentication 
>> that's not mentition in the interoperability guide?
> When loging into Windows, Windows will stash the user and password in 
> case
> it is needed later for NTLM. If you really still need NTLM, you would 
> have
> to keep your passwrods in sync. The main idea of Kerberos it to get away
> from NTLM.
When i login to the Domain as a regular user MIT leash shows me a wad of 
@DOMAIN.COM tickets.  Can I assume these tickets will be honored by 
services  in the MIT Kerb V realm REALM.DOMAIN.COM?

This line of discussion is really really helpful thanks a ton.

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