HP-UX 11i problem (Kerberos version 1.3.5)

Mike Langas mlangas at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 28 18:19:58 EDT 2004

I'm having problems getting the compile to work on HP-UX.  I've looked over the
lists history and it seems like different problems pop up with HP-UX with every
new version.  So far I haven't seen anything for the latest version.

I get diffent problems depending on which of the following configure methods I
try.  If someone can tell me which of the following is most appropriate, I can
post more specifics about where the process is stopping.

I've tried:
./configure CC=gcc
./configure CC='gcc -ansi'
./configure CC='gcc -std=c89'
./configure CC='/opt/ansic/bin/cc -Ae'
./configure CC='/opt/ansic/bin/cc'

Like I've said, most of these methods generate completely different errors from
eachother.  Some die durring the configure step, others die durring the make. 
Any advice will be appreciated.


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