Problem with ssh and kerberos

Ghe Rivero ghe at
Wed Sep 15 02:42:43 EDT 2004

Hi people!
	I've some debian machines with kerberos properly working to
authenticate users. The problem is that i have installed ssh-krb5 and it
doesn't works.
    In the kdc server i have created and ktadd a principal for
host/, and export it to the krb5.keytab file on the With klist -k in the ssh.server and kvno in the kdc and
clients machines they return me the same number. When i connect with
ssh, it ask me for a password and i don't get a ticket for it (i already
kave a krbtgt ticket).
	The configuration of ssh_config and sshd_config files are the defaults
from debian sarge.

	Any idea about what can be happeninig? Thx in advanced

	Ghe Rivero
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