Ahluwalia, Ish iahluwalia at
Tue Sep 14 19:43:36 EDT 2004

Hi All:

While performing des3-cbc decryption, Kerberos gives the following error "KRB5DES_BAD_KEYPAR", specifiying bas parity error.  Could anyone please shed some ligh on why this error could be happening?  All the other chekcs have passed.  My keylength is ok.  Could it be because of the key contents?  I have been able to recover the key contents from the keytab and able to print it fine.  Only thing is that when I specify my key contents, I specify them in ASCII format (24 byte length key).  Is there any specific format the key contents have to specified.  I'm not using any of the kerberos tools to create key entries.  I'm using the keytab mechanism API's to create a keytab entry for myself.

Please advice.



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