Kerberos Broke after VMware Restart

Scott Moseman scmoseman at
Fri Sep 3 11:58:12 EDT 2004

We got our Kerberbos working under Fedora Core 2 perfectly.
I suspended the VMware session for several days and today got
back to trying out some more Kerberos functions.  The AD boxes
that it auths against have remained online, with no changes to them.

The VMware Fedore session had a wrong clock, so I changed it
to match the AD server (to the second) and rebooted to clean up.
Still does not work.

This is the error message that I receive:

kinit(v5): Resource temporarily unavailable while getting initial

I checked the logs on the AD server and did not see any activity.
I'm thinking that the Fedora box is not even talking to the server.

Scott Moseman

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