Help with Heimdal to MIT conversion of code

ronnie sahlberg ronniesahlberg at
Wed Oct 6 04:53:59 EDT 2004

Hi list

I am the guy that implemented Kerberos support in Ethereal to allow
users (given the keytab file is available) to decrypt the content of

I would like to add support for MIT kerberos as well so that users can
select at compile time which particular version of kerberos they use
and get ethereal to compile for it.

I am not really a kerberos hacker  and i am lazy.
Would anyone out there want to give me a hand in implementing a
MITized version of the small test program I have attached? If i get
this small proggie MITized I should be able to figure out how to merge
it into ethereal myself (modulo questions like how would I find out
the proper -l -L and -I directives to the gcc commandline)

The attached file is a program for Heimdal.
The idea is that the program reads a binary file containing an
encrypted blob (no asn1 encapsulation)  then it opens the keytab file
and iterates over every single secret key in it and tries to decrypt
the blob.
If the decryption was successful, it writes it out again to a file.

any takers?

best regards
   ronnie sahlberg
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