Kerberos/Windows XP problem

Shannon Sullivan srs2 at
Fri Nov 12 16:36:00 EST 2004


I'm having an issue with Kerberos (Leash 2.6.3) on a Windows XP (SP1) 

When Leash is launched it takes a few seconds longer than normal for 
the menus to become active.  If you try to click on a menu before its 
ready the application becomes 'not responding'.

Once the menus do become active and you attempt to get a ticket the 
authentication takes a very long time compared to all the other 

This is happening on two machines.  Both are Dells.  One is an Optiplex 
GX270 and the other is Optiplex GX280.  Both are running the same image 
(XP SP1).  This image is the same image we use department wide but no 
other machines seem to have this issue.

On both machines we've reinstalled 2.6.3.  We've tried 2.1.6 as well as 
2.6.5.  We've confirmed that the problem is not profile specific or 
Kerberos user account specific.  We've tried NAT versions for Leash.

Anyone seen this or have any suggestions for me to try?

Thanks in advanced!


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