Kerberized RSH for Windows

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Tue Nov 9 11:26:45 EST 2004

John Harris wrote:

> Greetings,
> One of my projects here at UCDavis is attempting to take a forwardable
> Kerberos credential and forward it to a server for later use.  The goal is
> to NOT have the credential disappear when the forwarding call is made, and
> the keep the renewable flag intact.
> In trying to do this, we wanted to use a Kerberized rsh client, make the
> call with forwarding on and then run a script on the other side to copy
> the ticket to another location (other than the default), where an
> application would use it later.
> I notice there is no rsh client in the Kerberos for Windows distribution.
> There is one in the Heimdal travelkit, but it doesn't work against
> anything other than a Heimdal KDC.  There is also an OLD NCSA client that
> doesn't work either.

I have the old NCSA rsh and ftp working with KfW-2.6.5 if you are interested.
We don't promote it, prefering ssh, but they still works.

> Is there a Kerberized rsh client that is current?  And if not, are there
> other suggestable solutions?  The biggest issue is making the connection,
> forwarding the ticket, and running something on the other side to keep it
> in an alternate location for batch jobs to use later.

Another alternative is SSH. There are a number of windows versions
available that do gssapi, and can forward a ticket. Kermit,
SecureCRT and PuTTY-0.56 with (gssapi mods) can all work with KfW.
And some can work directly with the Microsoft built in Kerberos,
so KfW is not needed.

> Thanks a million,
> John Harris
> Campus Data Center Administrator
> University of California, Davis
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