Kerberized RSH for Windows

John Harris harris at
Mon Nov 8 18:46:18 EST 2004


One of my projects here at UCDavis is attempting to take a forwardable
Kerberos credential and forward it to a server for later use.  The goal is
to NOT have the credential disappear when the forwarding call is made, and
the keep the renewable flag intact.

In trying to do this, we wanted to use a Kerberized rsh client, make the
call with forwarding on and then run a script on the other side to copy
the ticket to another location (other than the default), where an
application would use it later.

I notice there is no rsh client in the Kerberos for Windows distribution.
There is one in the Heimdal travelkit, but it doesn't work against
anything other than a Heimdal KDC.  There is also an OLD NCSA client that
doesn't work either.

Is there a Kerberized rsh client that is current?  And if not, are there
other suggestable solutions?  The biggest issue is making the connection,
forwarding the ticket, and running something on the other side to keep it
in an alternate location for batch jobs to use later.

Thanks a million,

John Harris
Campus Data Center Administrator
University of California, Davis

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