Kerberized RSH for Windows

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Wed Nov 10 10:00:07 EST 2004

harris at (John Harris) wrote in message news:<Pine.GSO.4.58.0411081542240.17637 at>...
> I notice there is no rsh client in the Kerberos for Windows distribution.
> There is one in the Heimdal travelkit, but it doesn't work against
> anything other than a Heimdal KDC.  There is also an OLD NCSA client that
> doesn't work either.

MIT Kerberos for Windows does not ship with applications.  One product
which supports the necessary functionality is Kermit 95.  Kermit 95
provides Kerberized rsh support as well as Kerberized Telnet, FTP,
and SSH.

Jeffrey Altman

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