Double log messages under RH8

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Oct 15 17:34:51 EDT 2003

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Dopheide <dopheide at> writes:

    Mike> I'm not extremely familiar with the kerberos source tree
    Mike> yet, but it seems that profile_init
    Mike> (util/profile/prof_init.c) reads through every krb5.conf
    Mike> file in the DEFAULT_PROFILE_PATH
    Mike> (include/krb5/stock/osconf.h).  

It does; this is a feature.

    Mike> What bothers me is that
    Mike> seeing the same [logging] section twice caused kerberos to
    Mike> log twice instead of overriding the settings it read from
    Mike> the first file.  How can the default logging mechanism be
    Mike> set twice?  Why is this even possible?  What other problems
    Mike> could be caused by dual krb5.conf files?

Consider how you'd log both to syslog and to a file.  This feature is
useful in that case.

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