installation of Kerberos

Jerome Walter walter+SP at
Mon Aug 25 05:37:48 EDT 2003

Harsh Ahuja wrote:
> Hi All 
> I am planning to install Kerberos version 5 on Linux machine. I have tried several times but getting  "Cannot contact any KDC for requested realm while getting initial credentials" any body in this group can help me in configuring the Kerberos I would be thankful to him for the same. any document for the same would be great help for me

Just check you have this in your krb5.conf :

	your.subdomain.tld = REALM
	.your.subdomain.tld = REALM

or that your DNS are configured with both TXT fields for "kerberos" and 
SRV fields for _kerberos in your domain.

Your should take a look at "Configuring DNS" chapter in officiel MIt 
Kerberos documentation.

Best regards.

Jerome Walter

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