MIT & SEAM Kerberos compatibility

Jerome Walter walter+SP at
Mon Aug 25 10:13:02 EDT 2003

I have set up a MIT KDC running under GNU/Linux Debian to authenticate 
GNU/Linux, W2k and Solaris 9 clients. The authentication works perfectly 
for any Os listed above.

We are migrating our file servers to AFS filesystem and so, would need 
to apply afs-krb5 migration patches to keep krb5 authentication.

So is the question: without installing MIT software on Soalris stations, 
is it possible to get Krb5 authentication for AFS ? What is the 
compatibility (within the source code) of these 2 Kerberos 
implementation ? Would it be possible to apply such patches to SEAM 
(Sun) software or would i need to install MIT software ?

TIA for your answers.


Jerome Walter

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